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Crash Landings

One day in the future we hope to send humans to Mars. But this will not be without its challenges. Landing on Mars, for one, is exceptionally difficult and just what sort of Space Industry Career roles would be involved in such a mission?

In this workshop, we discover just who we need, and then working in small space industry teams, we design, test, build and land our own landers to hopefully safely deposit our "Eggstronaut" crew onto the Martian surface.

Type of Workshop In Person
Duration 1.5 Hours
Suitable For KS2
Optional VR/AR/Miko No
Online Session Cost Not Applicable
In Person Cost from £135

All school/community based workshops are a maximum of 35 children in any one session. 

Crash Landings

"Your session with the Banwell Beavers was fab and they were all buzzing afterwards!"

Emma - Banwell Beavers