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Our Place in Space (Adults/Events)

Planet Earth is our home in Space; our very own spacecraft hurtling around the Sun, our nearest Star. In this talk we check out our local neighbourhood by taking a descriptive look at the Solar System, visiting each of our Planetary neighbours in turn. From the hellish world of Venus to the stormy conditions on Neptune, we discover just how the system operates, the size and distances involved plus how it was formed some 4.6 billion years ago. Come and investigate “Our Amazing Place in Space.”

Presentation Category Adults, Events
Type of Presentation In Person, Online
Duration 1 hour
Online Session Cost £60
In Person Cost From £60
Our Place in Space (Adults/Events)

""The Our Place in Space Workshop was fabulous! The children really enjoyed the experience and certainly went away with lots of knowledge and so did I! "

Miss Bredow, Oaklands Primary School, Yeovil

"I have learned so much more today from this simple activity than I ever learned when I was at school!! "

Adult participant Wells and Mendip Astronomers Open Day

"Thank you so much for coming to Sherborne Prep and running all of your inspiring workshops. Everyone has had a fantastic week and the school has been left buzzing!"

Mrs. F Salisbury - Head of Science, Sherborne Prep