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Our Place in Space

Journey around the Solar System and discover the size and distances of planets within our own neighbourhood. Take part in the “Human Solar System,” experiment with how it was formed and then assemble your own scale model.

Type of Workshop In Person, Online
Duration 1 – 1.5 hours
Suitable For KS1/KS2
Optional VR/AR/Miko @ + £35 per session
Online Session Cost £85
In Person Cost from £135

All school/community-based workshops are a maximum of 35 children in any one session, unless they are online and then a maximum of 3 classes in one sitting.

Our Place in Space

"I enjoyed the Human Solar System, especially when I was picked to act out being the Sun."

Monty - East Brent First School

"Jo was inspiring, both to teachers and pupils. Her subject knowledge was phenomenal - staff learnt just as much as pupils did - and her delivery was pitched perfectly for the wide range of children with whom she worked. Jo brought some great resources to enhance the teaching and learning activities and was well prepared for all lessons. she really injected a huge sense of enthusiasm and energy into the whole week. Thank you, Jo."

Miss Sparks - Trinity School, Portishead

"Dear Jo. You have really inspired me and it was incredibly exciting to learn all about Our Place in Space."

Isaac - Kingswood Prep School

"Thank you for coming to our school. I loved using the VR Headset. It was a fantastic way to learn!"

Owen - Kingswood Prep School

""The Our Place in Space Workshop was fabulous! The children really enjoyed the experience and certainly went away with lots of knowledge and so did I! "

Miss Bredow, Oaklands Primary School, Yeovil

"The best thing was the Solar System Workshop! We made a human solar system and it was fun!"

Alex - East Brent First School