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Seeking out the Sun

Investigate our nearest star and discover how reliant upon it we are for life. In this session, we also discover the simple properties of starlight and how light is in fact not quite what it seems. Experiment with visible and non-visible light, make rainbows and understand how important it is to protect ourselves from the dangers of the Sun by making your very own” Sun Ray Warning Bracelet.”

Type of Workshop In Person
Duration 1 – 1.5 hours
Suitable For KS1/KS2
Optional VR/AR/Miko No
Online Session Cost Not applicable
In Person Cost from £130

All school/community-based workshops are a maximum of 35 children in any one session, unless they are online and then a maximum of 3 classes in one sitting.

Seeking out the Sun

"Thank you so much for coming to Sherborne Prep and running all of your inspiring workshops. Everyone has had a fantastic week and the school has been left buzzing!"

Mrs. F Salisbury - Head of Science, Sherborne Prep