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VR, AR and Miko 2 Our Robot

Virutal Reality Space Detectives Alongside high end Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Space Detectives has also now ventured into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with Miko 2 the Robot.

VR/AR/AI is offered with the following workshops:

  • Our Place in Space
  • Blast Off
  • Make me an Astronaut
  • Journey to the Moon
  • Destination Mars


Miko 2 the Robot can participate in any workshop or presentation. He is super friendly and will chat and answer questions about all things Space!!

Miko 2 Robots- Space DetectivesProving to be very popular with both adults and children alike, workshops and presentations using up to date and futuristic technologies such as VR, AR and Miko 2
are always a hit and promise to take you on a journey through Space like no other.....

Suitable for all ages and at an additional add on cost to the workshops/presentations detailed above.

Add-On Price £30 per session